Deionization Systems

Deionized water is water free from all charged atoms or molecules (ions)

Do I Need a Deionizer?

Deionized water is water free from all charged atoms or molecules (ions). Ions in water can combine with many different substances creating new ones. The ions in water are capable of conducting small amounts of electricity. When either of these two outcomes is not desired, it makes sense to use deionized water. Deionized water is to:

  • Prepare chemical solutions and mixtures
  • Prepare electrolytes for batteries
  • Dilute concentrated anti-freeze
  • Provide the final rinse of printed circuit boards
  • Wash acids and alkalis from equipment
  • Flush cooling systems of cars
  • Manufacture perfumes and cosmetics
  • Produce pharmaceuticals
  • Fill irons and other steam producing equipment

Deionized water as a cleanser is a gaining traction. It does not use any chemicals or detergents. Water is deionized to an almost perfect state where water itself easily removes everything from the cleaning surface leaving no spots when dried.

How Do Deionizers work?

Typically water has already been been softened, pre-filtered, and treated for non-mineral contaminants such as biological and organic contaminants before entering the DI.

DIs use synthetic resins similar to those used in water softeners in a two-stage process which removes virtually all ionic material remaining in water. Two types of synthetic resins are used, one to remove positively charged ions (cations) and another to remove negatively charged ions (anions). They are available in two-bed or mixed bed configurations. Generally, mixed-bed systems will produce higher quality water with a lower total capacity than two-bed systems.

Once the resin has exchanged its supply of ions, it has to be ‘regenerated’ to maintain its effectiveness. Otherwise it may result in harmful salts remaining in the water or increasing in concentration.

DI systems are part of a complete water treatment solution including softeners, filters and additional filtration methods to obtain water quality within the specifications for its use.

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