Civil Engineers

Designing systems that deliver safe water for people, wildlife and recreation

How Blake Partners with Civil Engineers

The costs associated with upgrading and expanding America’s water/wastewater infrastructure are expected to be between $3 and $5 tillion over the next 2-3 decades. The current current water infrastructure requires serious attention and with the US population projected to grow by by about 30% or 100 million people, new capacity is needed.

Your clients expect expediant, accurate, cost effective solutions. They may be looking to meet sustainability goals or qualify for financial incentives. The site may have challenging conditions. There are any number of challenges you face when providing your clients with solutions that work, come in on budget and are completed on time.

Civil engineers look to Blake Equipment for solutions related to water and wastewater pumping and treatment. We provide water and wastewater solutions into the municipal, commercial, institutional and industrial markets. By integrated we mean everything related to the system...pumps, valves, water treatment, controls, chemicals and media selected to work synergistically as a whole system. Our customer fabrication capabilities mean you can design a specific solution, we can build it so that it will be installed just as you envisioned. Our factory authorized service team will do the start up, support the client over the warranty period and provide service to the system over its service life.

Like you, Blake Equipment is solutions based, not product driven. Our goal is to be your partner.

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