Whole House

Whole House systems can treat up to several thousand gallons of water per day

Do I Need a Whole House Water Treatment System?

Whole house water treatment systems, often referred to Point of Entry (POE) systems are installed at the main water line where water first enters the home. They are most commonly placed in front of the water heater to deliver purified hot and cold water to every tap in the home including your boiler, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.

These systems can treat up to several thousand gallons of water per day. These versatile units can use a variety of different filter cartridges and media beds to remove most types of water contamination. Your water treatment professional will analyze your water, compute the size of system you require and install a system to provide you with clean, healthy water. These systems are the most durable and maintenance free solutions, with some larger units only requiring filter/media replacements every 5-7 years. If you desire ultra-pure bottled water quality drinking water, a point of use reverse osmosis system at the tap is recommended.

How Do Whole House Water Treatment Systems work?

Whole House Water Treatment Systems, also referred to as Point of Entry(POE) Systems, combine all the water treatment components required to get water to the condition needed for its use in one convenient location. These are typically connected at the water’s point of entry to the building. They include softeners and filtration equipment as determined by water testing and are designed and installed by your water treatment dealer.

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