Customers & Markets


Blake values its relationships with its customers and its sales teams are aligned to the needs of its customer groups. Blake's customers include:

  • Contractors
  • Engineers
  • Institutions
  • Facility Management Firms
  • ESCOs


Blake is a specialty distributor and manufacturers representative. As a distributor, Blake focuses on stocking and meeting the demands of contractors servicing the demands of residential and light commercial markets, projects that can be completed by licenses contractors with off the shelf products.

As a manufacturers' representative, Blake's Commercial/Industrial/Municipal teams specialize in engineered solutions for large projects which require more customized solutions. Each market presents unique considerations particular to how the facilities are used and the populations that use them. With 80 plus years of experience, Blake brings a wealth to building the right solutions for the markets it serves. Here's a sample of the markets for which Blake provides solutions:

Residential/Light Commercial Division Commercial/Industrial/Municipal Division
Residential Single Family Hospitals
Residential Multi Family Universities
Agriculture K-12 Public and Private Schools
Small Municipalities Food and Beverage
Small to Medium size businesses Pulp and Paper
Small manufacturing facilities Prisons
Landscaping Power Generation
Laundry and dry cleaners Municipal Water and Wastewater
  Mining and Metals
  Pharma and Biotechnology