About the AIO PLUS Ozone


The BWS AIO PLUS Ozone filtration system removes iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from your water leaving you with crystal clean water that smells and tastes fresh.

It’s not uncommon for well water to contain iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. None of these will make you sick and but they can have a negative impact on your life.

Hydrogen sulfide gives off a sulphur or rotten egg smell which most people find very unpleasant. Iron and Manganese gives water a metallic taste and can stain virtually everything it touches including dishes, laundry, fixtures...even hair. They can also contribute to clogging and corrosion of pipes and appliances such as water heaters.

BWS Specialist Series IITM AIO PLUS Ozone Filtration Systems combine the BWS standard AIO valve with the fully integrated EOG ozone unit to create a tremendous enhancement over traditional aeration filtration techniques.

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