Industrial and Municipal Water and Wastewater Solutions

Wastewater Solutions for the Northeast

Industrial and Municipal Water and Wastewater Solutions

Increased water costs impact many commercial and industrial water consumers. Many are now required to pre-treat thier wastewater before sending it to the municipal wastewater stream.

The water industry manages serious challenges every day from aging infrastructure, increasing demand, climate change, rising operating costs and reduced funding.

Blake Equipment provides peak performance water and wastewater solutions to municipalities and industry from pumps, controls to water treatment solutions.

Blake Equipment stocks a complete supply of pumps, supplies and accessories. Blake’s Turbine Pump Build Center builds custom turbine pumps, most within 3-5 buiness days. Blake’s pump/valve repair center and testing facility will pick up your equipment and return it to you as good as new usually within a few number of business days. Our field service technicians are availble 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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