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Feeding a Hungry World

How Blake Partners with Food & Beverage Companies

Water may be the most important and highly-used resource in any food processing plant. Water and steam are critical components in food and beverage processing operations. With today’s aggressive environmental regulatory changes, the cost of water has become a major concern. This is often related to the discharge rather than just the cost of bringing water into the plant.

Blake Equipment is uniquely positioned to address all water related systems in your plant including water supply, treatment, steam production, wastewater treatment and wastewater discharge. We will work with you, your engineers, contractors and facilities teams every step of the way over the service life of your water and thermal energy systems.

Like you, Blake Equipment is solutions based, not product driven. We work with many food and beverage processors in the northeast. We understand that creative solutions, a sense of urgency and good communication are critical.

Blake is a solution provider. Our goal is to be your partner.

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