Ultraviolet Disinfection Solutions

Eliminates 99% of Disease Causing Microbes

About Ultraviolet Disinfection Solutions

Where water is suspected to contain E.Coli, cryptosporidium, giardia or any other types of bacteria and viruses, UV Systems are a highly effective method of disinfection. It is not advised to use chlorine or other chemicals to disinfect water from sources like private wells or lakes because chlorine may combine with other components that may be present in water to form toxic byproducts.

  • Chemical Free: UV purification does not use any chemicals like chlorine or leave any harmful by products.
  • Taste & Odor Free: UV does not add any chemical taste or odor to the water.
  • Extremely Effective: One of the most effective ways to kill disease-causing microbes by destroying 99.99%.
  • Requires very little energy: Uses about the same energy as it would to run a 60 watt light bulb.
  • Low Maintenance: Set and forget type of system, just change UV bulb annually.

How Does an Ultraviolet System Work?

UV is part of a Comprehensive Water Treatment System. Water is softened and filtered prior to passing through a UV unit. UV itself is not enough to purify water down to drinking water purposes. This is because the UV radiation is only effective for treating bacteria and viruses. UV light does not work to eliminate contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). UV systems are often paired with Reverse Osmosis Systems to provide a complete purification process for the safest drinking water. Unlike chemical approaches to water disinfection, UV light provides rapid, effective inactivation of micro-organisms through a physical process.

When bacteria, viruses and protozoa are exposed to the germicidal wavelengths of UV light, they are rendered incapable of reproducing and infecting.

Pre-treated water is passed through a cartridge or a series of cartridges with UV lamps installed within it. The lamp is protected by a quartz sleeve. In order for the micro-organisms to be rendered inactive, the UV light must come in direct contact them for a specified minimum amount of time. It’s important that water be pre-filtered to remove any dissolved solids as micro-organisms can ‘hide’ in dissolved solids. The dissolved solids may also reduce the effectiveness of the lamp by fouling the sleeve surface.

UV light has demonstrated efficacy against pathogenic organisms, including those responsible for cholera, polio, typhoid, hepatitis, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases.

Common Illness Causing Organisms in US Drinking Water

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