Facilities & Maintenance

Keeping the building systems operating safely, efficiently and at peak perfomance

How Blake Equipment works with Facilities and Maintenance Departments

If you work in Facilities and Maintenance, you have a big job. You keep the building systems operating safely, efficiently and at peak perfomance. Budgets are tight and your department could use a few more people. System shutdowns could be catastophic to institutions, plants or facilities that count on you. Performing the maintenance on these systems must be done with no interruption to operations. When things go wrong, management expects expediant, accurate, cost effective solutions and no interruption to operations. By necessity, you are solution focused.

Like you, Blake Equipment is solution focused. We are as specialty distributor and manufacturers representative of water and thermal energy solutions. Think of us for boiler systems, combined heat and power, domestic hot water, water boosting, water treatment, water/wastewater management and more. We can support you with parts programs, field services, shop services and custom fabricated solutions. We’ve worked with and in facilities like yours for over 90 years. Chances are we have provided products and services to your business or one with very similar operations and goals. You can count on us to respond with urgency, experience and professionalism.

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