Storm Water Solutions

Flood Control Measures in Uncertain Times

Storm Water Solutions

Designing, building and maintaining systems that control storm water run off is critical to our homes, businesses and communities to prevent expensive flooding, erosion, ecological or property damage and to protect our watersheds.

Typically storm water is absorbed into soil where it is filtered and ultimately replenishes aquifers or flows into streams and rivers. The rest carries When melting snow or rain water runs off of surfaces such as buildings, roads, and parking lots; its volume, velocity and temperature increase resulting in torrents of water seeking its level in overcome streams or sewers. This water carries sediment, debris, trash and toxins(eg pesticides, oil, grease) and can overcome sewers, rivers or lakes resulting in flooding, property damage and even loss of life. Areas of pooling water due to poor drainage can be breeding grounds for disease, render the land unusable and impede construction or travel.

Blake Equipment provides Storm Water Solutions including rainwater recapture, culvert and drainage pipe and fittings, geotextiles, pumps and more.

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