Plumbing Engineers

Moving water safely, economically and efficiently

How Blake Partners with Plumbing Engineers

Plumbing engineering professionals focus on a “whole-building” concept including water entering the building, it’s use within and exiting the building in various waste streams. They work closely with mechanical, civil and fire protection engineers.

Plumbing Engineers prefer working with Blake Equipment for our expertise in providing solutions for sanitary sewer, on-site wastewater management, stormwater, hydronic heating systems, domestic hot water, water boosting, water treatment, process steam systems and more.

We keep engineers abreast on new products and technology on the market that have the potential to save time and money on future projects. We’ll come to you for “lunch and learns” and bring product trailers to your site so you can ‘kick the tires.’

Plumbing Engineers look to Blake Equipment for solutions related to water. We provide integrated solutions into the municipal, commercial, institutional and industrial markets. By integrated, we mean everything related to the system...boilers, heat exchangers, ancilliary equipment, pumps, valves, water treatment, controls, parts, accessories and materials selected to work synergistically as a whole system. Our customer fabrication capabilities mean you can design a specific solution, we can build it so that it will be installed just as you envisioned. Our factory authorized service team will do the start up, support the client over the warranty period and provide service to the system over its service life.

Like you, Blake Equipment is solutions based, not product driven. Our goal is to be your partner.

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