Help & FAQ's

Need help to access your personal account?
Need help to open an account and obtain a quote?
Need help to complete a web order?
Need help regarding a delivery or your web confirmation?


What should I do if I have forgotten my username or password?

Don’t worry. Simply send an email to or contact web support at 1-860-218-1012. We are currently working on automating this system.

Does every user ordering online have the same identification number on the website?

No. Each user has a personal identification number.

My account seems to be inactive, what should I do?

Send us an email or call our Web support service at 1-860-218-1012. We will activate it for you as soon as possible.

The information in my account is incorrect. What should I do to update it?

Send us an email or call our Web support service at 1-860-218-1012. We will fix it for you as soon as possible.


How can I open an account?

To open an account, simply follow these easy steps:
1.) Visit the "Create an Account" page.
2.) Fill out the form and submit it. It will go to our sales team.
3.) Our sales team will reach out to you with credentials to log into your account!

Do I have access to my account statement online?

No. No change will be made on how we communicate your statement, which is sent by email, fax or mail.

I would like to receive a quote before placing an order, is it possible on your website?

The Blake Group website allows you to select your products and create a shopping list by saving them in your cart. If you add products to your cart, you can reach out to our sales team and they will access your cart to give you a quote.


How can I order online?

You need an account online to place an order. Once you have an account, you simply add products to your cart then complete the checkout process.

Are the prices offered online the same as those offered on the phone when I call to place an order?

Yes. When creating your web account, we validate the conditions in your existing Blake Group account. All pre-approved and saved special prices will be available both by phone and online.

Is there a minimum order amount?

No. However, in order benefit from free shipping, you need to place an order of $100 or more (before tax). See our Terms and Conditions.

I could not complete my transaction as the website suddenly shut down. How do I know if the order was processed?

If the order was completed, you will receive a confirmation email. If not, the cart will save the items you wish to order.

If I already placed an order, can I later add other items to that same transaction?

No. You must place another order.

The price indicated on the website is not the same as the one I usually pay, what should I do?

Send us an email or call our Web support service at 1-860-218-1012. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Can I modify quantities after an order has been placed?

No. You must place another order or contact our customer service center at 1-860-218-1012.

Can I make a credit card payment?

Currently, you can only pay by credit card over the phone, however, online credit card processing will be coming soon.

I placed my order twice. How can I cancel one of them?

Send us an email or call our Web support service at 1-860-218-1012. We will answer you as soon as possible.

What should I do if I want my order to be delivered to a new address that is not listed as one of my usual options?

When you place your order, on the next screen you will have the ability to manually enter the new delivery address.


What are the delivery times?

24 hours for items in stock and orders placed before 3 p.m. (business days).

Can I place an order any time of the day?

You can place an order 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, from 3:00AM EST to 5:00AM EST there may be maintenance on our website, which may limit the ability to place an order.

If the product ordered is not in stock, when will I receive the order?

An order confirmation will be emailed to you with all the delivery information.

Should we expect additional charges?

There may be additional charges if there are special taxes, or based on shipping cost. However, we will never add any charges without contacting you first.

Will I receive an order confirmation?

Yes, an order confirmation will be emailed to you.

When I receive my order, will it be complete?

As soon as you receive your order confirmation, you will know if your order is complete. In the confirmation, all quantities ordered and quantities shipped will be indicated.

After completing my order on the website, can I pick up my items at any of your branches?

No. Orders placed on our website will be sent from our distribution center and not from our branches.

How can I see the order history for my account?

Your order history is accessible when logged in to your account. To find it it, first click on “My Account” and then on "Order History”.

Would it be possible to charge the shipping fees to our carrier’s account?

Yes, it is possible. Simply enter the account number and carrier’s name.

Can my order be delivered to an address outside the province of Quebec?

Yes. However, additional transportation fees may apply.

Would it be possible to enter a delivery note? (E.g. contact person)

Yes, you have access to a field where you can enter delivery notes prior to submitting your order.

I would like my order to be delivered at a later date. How can I do it?

When you complete your order, at View Account Profile/Required Date, it is possible to modify it and enter a later delivery date.

I am still waiting for my order after 48 hours, how can I do a follow-up?

In the View Account, select click on View Open Order. This will allow you to see your latest order and do a follow-up.