A dealkalizer system reduces incoming alkalinity in feed water

Do I Need a Dealkalizer?

Dealkalizers are a common component in boiler feed systems, where high carbonate and bicarbonate alkalinity produce a great deal of foam in a boiler and combine with steam to produce carbonic acid with attacks equipment and pipes. A dealkalizer system reduces incoming alkalinity in feed water resulting in lower blowdown rates, lower condensate return corrosion and a more effective chemical treatment program for boiler systems, reduces the need for neutralizing chemicals by as much as 90%. Fuel costs are also saved by minimizing blowdown.

  • Lower condensate return corrosion.
  • Reduce Boiler Blowdown frequency and volume.
  • Reduce the need for neutralizing chemicals by as much as 90%.
  • Boiler symptoms resulting from untreated water include overheating, failure to produce hot water or steam, a drop in the boiler flow rate and an overall loss of efficiency.
  • If the water is not treated properly, the boiler will begin to have problems within the first year, and its useful life will be significantly shortened.

Cleaver-Brooks Guide to Water Treatment Systems

Cleaver-Brooks Models CDAS and CDAF

How Do Dealkalizers Work?

Dealkalizers are part of complete water treatment program. Water is softened before it goes through a dealkalizer. A dealkalizer works much like a water softener, in that it utilizes ion exchange to remove unwanted ions from the water. Rather than removing calcium and magnesium ions as a softener does, dealkalization removes carbonate ions, exchanging them for chloride ions. Like water softeners, dealkalizers use salt during the regeneration process. Unlike water softeners, a dealkalizer resin must also be treated with an additional caustic solution. This caustic solution boosts pH levels and enhances the resins efficiency.

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