You have Water Quality Problems? Blake has Water Quality Solutions

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When it comes to water treatment, Blake has the most comprehensive product offering - PERIOD.

  • Single Source Supplier
  • 13 Stocking locations
  • WQA Certified Staff
  • Manufacturer of Softeners and Filtration Equipment
  • WQA Gold Certified Line of Softeners
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Field Support
  • Water Analysis
  • Blake Delivery Fleet
  • In-house Engineering Support
  • Serving Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Municipal Markets

Some Facts about Water

  • Pure H2O does not exist in nature.
  • Water is the “universal solvent.”
  • Given time it will absorb or dissolve everything it touches.
    • Gases from the atmosphere
    • Minerals from the Earth
    • Pollutants from Industrial Sources
    • Pharmaceuticals and Agricultural chemicals
    • Organic matter from soil and vegetation
  • Water Quality Requirements Vary Depending on its Use

These dissolved gases, minerals, organics and chemicals affect our health, reduce the life of equipment and mechanical systems by clogging or eroding pumps, pipes, valves, fittings; degrade the quality of final products for businesses or in the home - our clothing, towels and taste of our food, appliances, clothing and towels; cause cleaning products to under-perform costing more money. That’s why we treat our water before we use it for various purposes.

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