Chemical Feed Solutions

Precise Addition of Water Treatment Chemicals

About Chemical Feed Solutions

Chemical feed systems treat boiler feedwater, condition blowdown and provide an extra measure of protection against scaling and corrosion. Automatic systems are available for single or multiple boiler installations. They are fully packaged and can be equipped with either piston or diaphragm pumps. Bypass feeders and shot feeders are also available.

How Do Chemical Feed Systems Work?

A chemical feed system is typically required to remove the last 3 – 10 percent of impurities from boiler feedwater. Premixed chemicals in 30- to 100-gallon plastic drums with a chemical feed pump remove the remainder of harmful impurities from the boiler feedwater. Chemical feed systems feed chemicals into water in the correct dosage where the chemicals can react with the boiler feed water and mitigate problems that be harmful to the equipment. System design is critical. Whether the system underfeeds or overfeeds, the results include unmet specifications, poor program results, and excessive operating costs in the form of chemicals, performance and/or maintenance costs.

Why Work with Blake?

Blake Equipment is the only distributor AND manufacturers rep of water AND thermal energy equipment, supplies and services in the Northeast providing solutions to the full spectrum of applications. We understand boilers and the water they require to operate at peak efficiency over a long lifetime of service. We are experts at all facets of water conditioning. Blake brings these two critical areas of expertise together to bring customers solutions that work.

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