The Blake Mobile App

Your Blake Branch at Your Fingertips

About the Blake Mobile App

Access the Blake Web Store from your cell phone or tablet with the Blake Mobile App.


Convenience, Time Saving and So Easy

  • Place orders anytime from the office, home, warehouse of job site.
  • Works on phones and tablets.
  • Find your prices fast.
  • Custom shopping lists make it easier to find the products you order most.
  • Barcode Label Scan to Cart makes ordering fast and accurate.

Available at Google Play and Apple App Stores

apple app store google app store
screenshot 1

Order from one of your shopping lists...

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Search and order by product number.

screenshot 3

Check out. Add notes. Receive a follow up confirmation email.

screenshot 4

Barcode labels scan to cart.

screenshot 5

Scan barcodes from your phone.

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