Return Policy

  1. Customers to provide the following information:
    1. Contact Name
    2. Company Name
    3. Customer Number
    4. Products to be returned and reason for the return
    5. Customer's P.O. number under which the goods were purchased (if issued)
    6. Blake Water Solutions' invoice number under which the goods were purchased
  2. Requests for returns must be approved by the Return Goods Administrator, and only the RGA Administrator shall issue Return Goods Authorizations.
  3. No products may be returned, nor shall credits be processed until written approval has been issued by the Blake Water Solutions RGA Administrator.
  4. Transportation costs and risk of damage or loss in transit are the customer’s responsibility.
  5. Goods returned for credit or refund, including goods returned for inspection under warranty, must be shipped to the warehouse by prepaid transportation. No “collect” shipments will be accepted.
  6. Customers should not return merchandise unless a Return Goods Authorization has been issued. Please note RGA numbers on the shipping label for proper processing, and include a copy of the RGA form inside the shipping carton for prompt attention.
  7. Products not currently offered for sale as standard will not be accepted for credit.
  8. Only salable goods may be returned.
  9. Custom products, such as backwashing filters, filtration systems, and commercial softeners, may not be returned.
  10. Commercial and residential RO systems that have been installed may not be returned under any circumstances.
  11. Authorized credits will be issued at the price paid, less a twenty-five (25) percent restocking charge plus repackaging costs (if necessary).


If customers claim returns are due to company error, the burden of proof is the customer’s responsibility. If the matter cannot be resolved by telephone, customer may elect to return merchandise by pre-paid freight for inspection, so the matter may be further investigated. If the company agrees we are in error, return freight costs will be credited or refunded to the customer.